Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Tale of 40K Gamers -REDUX- Part 6: Nearly Done & a Large Ramble

Alrighty, Day 6! (It's after, 11:59pm so technically I'm late)

So, I managed to do ALL the trim on my tacticals (will likely do another coat gold though), the whites on all their shoulder tassels (can't think of a better name), paint all their lenses red (layers to come) and tidy up the mistakes I had made on their armour.

I'll be making another pass on them tomorrow, but for now, they actually seem ready for the varnish step to me, which will prepare them for the oil wash, then weathering!
Also i need to pick another guy to give a white helmet!

Following this I've got to get all their bolters done, and I actually have a bunch of pistols, grenades and pouches I'd like to add to the squads if I can find the effort. All in all, I'm confident they'll be entirely finished tomorrow (today :S).

My easily distracted nature led me to putting together some terrain for my tables between stages of painting marines, so I'm certain I could have gotten more done today if I'd managed to stay on target.
That said, hopefully with the terrain done, I can set my table up to put a battle report or two up featuring the army.
Plus, naturally the force will continue to grow even after Force Z and while i probably wont keep up the daily posts, I think I've found a good rhythm to getting my hobby moving forward at a good rate so I'll be sure to keep the content comming as the weeks go by.

To be perfectly honest, I had considered pulling out of the #To40kG updates when I had fallen several weeks behind (as mentioned previously, I was 500km from my hobby stuff for a while and it killed my passion even when i returned), however, even when I find I'm uninterested in doing hobby myself I still love to see other people's work.
What sparked my interest again was the Ultramarines focused facebook page "The Avenging Sons". In particular I'd like to give a shout out to Mr Trevor Goddard's work on his fantastic miniatures (seriously, they're stunning, check them out). I was sitting in awe of some of his recent images when a commenter stated that they wished they could get as much work done as him (as his progress is notable). Mirroring those feelings, I actually took Trevor's response and decided to act upon it.
He simply replied to the effect that he simply does a little every day.

Literally the same day I pulled out my resin soldiers and started these daily posts.
Six days in, and I'm honestly pumped! I'm normally an increadibly slow painter, impulsive in the extreme to boot. I have never, not ONCE, in my entire hobby life (eleven years since I got my first plastic crack) have i had a fully painted squad of soldiers.
I've painted characters to what i would consider pretty high standards, I've even painted vehicles (though even then, I rarely get around to adding the finishing touches) and terrain (though my wall of martyrs looks bizzar with only a single painted segment), but I'm a slave to my inspiration in this regard. I will paint models that capticate me in the moment and I'm happy to dedicate my attention to a single model for an entire day and end up with satisfactory results (my infinity force is sort of testament to this...though even that isn't finished...and it's only 12 models).
However, due to this, I quickly get either daunted or distracted by painting squads of models, so being on the verge of having not one, but TWO (well...one in 30k) fully painted squads of miniatures is actually a big deal for me and an inspiring step towards keeping the pace up in future.

Really, as I have come to learn from this #To40kG challenge, is that everything counts in small amounts. Pacing myself to litterally completing a step or two on 20 models has been a learning experience that has shown me the benefits (and reward) of taking it slow and steady.
If I was to impart any piece of advise to fellow hobbiests, it's simply this.
Sit down every day, and just do a little.
It may have taken a week, but I'm sitting here now, excited to wake up tomorrow and finish my Sons of Macragge!

SO, I think that's enough for my ramble. It's 2am and I should probably sleep, but hopefully this has been a decent update for anyone that's stuck through to the end.

Lets see if I can match the level of "content" tomorrow, but maybe about something far more interesting!
Til then,

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