Thursday, 21 August 2014

Tale of 40K Gamers -REDUX- Part 2:

So, day two, time for a second update!

Having free time to hobby really does make a big difference to your inspiration I must say!
I stayed up late last night acting like a servitor, getting some prep work done on the work to come, I undercoated, airbrushed and painted all my bases, did some more assembly work and started work on some test models!

Being the inconsistent (I can never reproduce the same results twice :S) hobbyist that I am, I opted to use resin bases for the minis as opposed to making my own. I grabbed some "Secret Weapon Urban Streets" bases out from my box o' bases and got to work.
The generic-ish looking urban look of the bases with the ample detail present appealed to me since it would be quick and easy to paint but still turn up some good results.

 My painting method involved undercoating black, then airbrushing the bases with "Minitaire Rock", I followed up with a black wash in the cracks, then some weathering powder (specifically, Secret Weapon Dark Earth) to dirty it all up.

(Sneak Peak of a test model to boot!)

Not bad results I think and easy to achieve.

Now, as I said in the previous post, I've had these marines sitting around for a little while now gathering dust. I had a few ideas in mind for the force when I eventually got to it, so I actually had a few third party bits stashed for the time.
Since I'm trying to do an Ultramarines army, that can be used interchangeably between 30k and 40k, I did some planning ahead in regards to what I'd eventually purchase ect. That said, I really wanted to have a stronger theme in my army to help set my minis apart from others and since Forgeworld currently lack Ultramarines upgrade parts, I ended up purchasing some shoulder pads from "" to try and give my Ultras a distinct "Roman" look.

I personally love the look, though I've had mixed feedback on the matter, so please feel free to comment below and let me know your thoughts.

So, this post is getting long, and I've got more painting to do, so to wrap things up, here's a WiP pic until tomorrow!

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