Thursday, 21 August 2014

Tale of 40K Gamers -REDUX- Part 1: Marines

Well, as is probably common knowledge by now to those who know me, I can be exceedingly unreliable when it comes to hobby.

When I started this challenge, I intended to see it through, to paint and blog every week about my burgeoning Chaos Warband. However, real-life (or should I blame it on the Warp?) had other ideas and a mixture of business and subsequent lack of drive (also, 400km distance between you and your hobby materials for half the challenge doesn't help) has made me more or led me off the path.

That said, with Force Z #3 rapidly approaching and a solid green light from the Dragon (...I mean wife), I've managed to clear up the remaining 8 days til Force Z to smash through an army.

What this means is, for the next 8 days, I will be hobbying and blogging the progress of this EVERY DAY until Force Z.
HOWEVER, since this leaves me minimal time (as well as funding) to source the rest of the Chaos force I had planned, I've sought and recieved permission from the venerable Adam Nordberg to swap my hobby attention to Loyalist Marines.

Now this will come with a slight twist. Since I lack plastic 40k miniatures to complete this project I will instead be using some Forgeworld minis that have been sitting around my hobby den for half a year now that, as it turns out, has me able to make a force almost exactly 750pts (a little more if i added a full command squad).

So, to kick things off, the list I'm running currently looks like so.

Captain Cyprian
Artificer Armour, Relic Blade

Tactical Squad (10 Man)
Veteran Sergeant

Tactical Squad (10 Man)
Veteran Sergeant

Spartan Assault Tank
Quad-Lascannons, Armoured Ceremite

A nice round 750pts. I may drop the vet sergeants for some special weapons yet though.

As a final Hurrah, here's a progress pic to whet the appetites.

Until Tomorrow!

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