Monday, 25 August 2014

Tale of 40K Gamers -REDUX- Part 5:

Another day, another update!

Today I learned a valuable lesson about my hobby. Good music and a Beer makes painting an absolute dream!

Sadly, I waited until around 9:30 tonight to grab a cold one and go to work. As seen above this means I've only managed to get 8 marines up to the "wash" stage, with a 9th almost there. This means I only have another 5 guys to paint gold onto and I'm ready to start washing and weathering ect (I also need to paint their lenses...)

I'm going to be trying my absolute best to have all the marines painted and ready to go for tomorrow's update, fingers crossed!

Along side these marines, the Spartan has been Assembled (MY GOD WHAT  PAIN IN THE ASS THIS KIT IS!). I'm still unsure how to approach painting it because I've honestly only ever painted a single large model before (my Imperial Knight) and I really want it to be standout.

Bonus Knight Image!

So aside from this, despite not being a part of my Force Z List, I decided to paint up a standard bearer I had as well.
He lacks weathering, and I'm totally untalented so just used transfers for his banner (don't shoot me!) but he's turning out alright so far in my opinion!
The white cloak on his shoulder though really doesn't fit in my opinion, so Ill likely paint over it red to match the capatin's.

So, to wrap things up, I'm hoping to get that painting guide up on the method I'm using to paint these marines in the next update, though possibly the one following, essentially, i need to finish the guys I'm painting currently so I've got the pictures to pop up alongside it!

Anyways, I'll call it here for today. Happy Hobbying!

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