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A TALE OF 4 GAMERS: WEEK 1 – T5, 3+ and FNP

Howdy all!

So , here we are with week 1's post for the tale of 40k gamers, the proverbial calm before the (painting) storm to come!
Firstly I'd like to say thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this challenge. This is something I've always wanted to do, so I'm super excited to kick this show into gear!

Initially, I floundered a little trying to decide on a force to take for this challenge, flip flopping between several races over the past week before finally settling on Chaos Space Marines.
As soon as I had "locked" CSM in, I began feeling inspired, something about their wargear options, tooling up champions and the risk/reward potential of winning challenges just felt so cool and oldschool RGP that I started fleshing out my own "DiY" warband for me to bring to life over the course of the challenge.
I decided that I was going to (as much as I could) let narrative choices influence my list design.

Within minutes I was conjuring up the backstory of my warband, finding inspiration in both the fluff and rules found in the Codex. Before long I had come up with "The Flayed", a relatively small (but growing) warband of traitor marines based towards the eastern rim of the galaxy.
I found myself drawn to the idea of T5 marines with feel no pain, led by a terminator lord seeking out daemonhood. I keep imagining the implacable advance of White-clad traitors in my mind and wanting to put brush to model more so than I have quite some time!
Naturally this means The Flayed are touched by father Nurgle himself, though I also decided that while I'll be using the mark of Nurgle rule across pretty much the entire force, I also wanted to portray The Flayed as a warband having only recently begun to see the manifestations of their patron.

Tempered Fist tactical marine.

The Flayed were originally an imperial fists successor known as the Tempered Fists chapter. Much like Luft Huron's decent into darkness, the Tempered Fists chapter ended up turning rouge for reasons of dissatisfaction with Imperial bureaucracy and with the naive hope of taking the worlds around their Fortress Monastery to bring stability and prosperity to them.
Over time however, the machinations of chaos began to arise, slowly but surely the corrupting touch of Nurgle revealed itself within the chapter. The final nail in the coffin being when the Chapter's 1st company captain, under a direct pact with Chaos, slew the Chapter Master to take power for himself.
He is known today simply as "The Flayer" and it was his mandate that any marine loyal to him was to take the flesh of one of their hands as a tribute to their Lord, that the Chapter's identity was lost to its new moniker, The Flayed.

Now that I have a basic fluff summary out of the way, lets talk models.

So, based on the schedule for the challenge, I'll take a moment to discuss my thoughts on what I'm hoping to achieve each week.

This week, I'm going to try my hand at knocking out a squad of Plague Marines, 13 of them in total. These are going to be the anchor for the army, 13 T5, 3+ FNP marines, most likely accompanied by my HQ.
Thematically, these are the warriors who have both been with the warband since its days as a chapter (around a century since the chapter became known as The Flayed) and have also given themselves to the whims of their patron.
I'm thinking meltas for this squad too, since they're going up the guts, I'm hoping they can get close enough to enemy Armour to turn it into slag.

This will be The Flayer himself. I'm undecided on how to I'm going to approach him at the moment. I have a chaos lord I painted literally a few weeks ago that fits my idea of him perfectly, but that wouldn't be in the spirit of the challenge. Perhaps The Flayer will be a Daemon Prince or I'll just go the alternate route and pick one of The Flayer's generals to represent here.

I'll be going for a more traditional 10 man CSM squad here. The idea here being that these marines, while having pledged their loyalty to The Flayer, have no yet won his respect. These marine are thematically a mixture of Chapter survivors who have not yet given themselves over to Nurgle entirely and also traitor marines that have joined the warband from other warbands.

Everything beyond this point is unscheduled and I have free choice for what FoC selections I want. Currently, I'm thinking that I'll do a Helbrute, followed by another CSM squad, and wrap it all up with a Heldrake, bringing the force to around 1000pts total. That said, I'm going to be reading comments and suggestions on what anyone feels would be a good fit for these final few weeks.

One of "The Flayed"

Thats it for this week, I'll be posting intermittent updates on the Hobby Progress and Alpha Hobbies facebook pages as well as on the Hobby Progress, Tale of 40k Gamers page itself and be performing a weekly round-up and recap here on this blog every saturday.
Keep your eyes out for the  #To40kG tag for updates and hobby goodness!
Now...where did I put those Plague Marines?

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