Sunday, 16 March 2014

Come the Apocalypse! -Pt.1

"There is only one constant in this galaxy and that is change. The wise adapt."

So here I am with yet another "ongoing" project introduction.
I continue work on my imperial forces in my continued efforts to have a fully painted army within the next few months as my last blog entry described, though this is where my workload appears to have grown far beyond what I had imagined prior.

The rouge Dark Angel, Chyper, along with a handful of fallen, has been reported operating in cohesion with one of the Tau I'sia sept's 3rd Sphere Coalitions penetrating ever deeper into the Imperial worlds that border the Tau empire.
Without hesitation, once it became known, the Dark Angels chapter began to move and, even now it is preparing to mobilise almost the entire chapter in the hope of finishing their score with Cypher. Despite an entire Tau expansion fleet between them and their target, they will stop at nothing, leave no ancient warmachine un-powered and no lost hero un-awoken to achieve this goal.

At the best astropathic projections, the Dark Angels will be able to cross the void and engage their long hated foe in a mere 9 months.

What does this all mean?
What this means is that Adam Wiseman (check his blog here), friend, rabid hobbyist and Dark Angels fanatic has challenged me, creator of the Tau I'sia sept, to a monumental, 15,000pt Apocalypse game, scheduled for around the start of the new year.
The goal here is for us to build and paint these whopping forces, recording the details and progress on our respective blogs and, finally, square off in a densely urban battlefield to determine whether the Dark Angels eliminate Cypher and blunt a Tau expansion to boot...or completely cripple the chapter for centuries.

Originally we were planning to play a 10,000pt game at some point this year, however, after a few recent acquisitions (details to come later), it was put forward that we should look bigger and aim for the stars (and blow a few up while we're at it)> Adding Cypher to my Tau forces gave us a little flavour to the conflict and help justify why almost a whole chapter of marines was engaging my Tau on a fringe world with no imperial support.

Lucky for me I have a good, 7000ish point jumping point of assembled (but largely unpainted :S) models. In 9 months I'm going to be striving to push my limits of painting and expand my beloved Tau into a fully fledged army worthy of some glamour and gallery shots.
It also means this will combine my (totally never updated) planned Tau progress blogs.

So, now that this is up...I have some fire warriors to paint!


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