Saturday, 8 February 2014

Slow Grow Campaign - Introduction

First off....WOW...It's been a long time since I've posted on this blog!
The biggest bummer about this is that, while my posting hasn't been been good, my painting HAS.
The past few months has seen my hobby skill increase by leaps and bounds and sadly, the main purpose of this blog was to record said growth!

I guess I'll have to make some catchup posts!

But anyways, the subject of today's post is for me to introduce a series of posts that I should hopefully be making on a regular basis.

The Fall of Segmentum Pacificus

As part of striving to improve my hobby skills, I joined with a group of fellow hobbyists to do a 6 month long, slow grow campaign, which, for those who are unaware, means that every month for six months, I will buy and paint models to an increasing points limit until finally ending with 1750pts worth of painted models.
The primary goal of the campaign is to get the players to build and paint a new army and have something to be proud of at the end.

To encourage players to actively get their hobby on, the campaign enforces penalties on players who have too many unpainted models in their armies, which is bad, since in the campaign, winning games gives experience to your warlord who will use that experience to gain permanent stat increases for the duration of the campaign.

To confess, the campaign started last month, with a modest 400pt army list limit and I took this opportunity to secure a Cadian Battleforce and start a gaurd army. My 400pts of Gaurd are largely painted already and in my incredible wisdom (sarcasm) I forgot to take many images during the whole process.
SO, what I WILL be doing, is finishing off my 400pts and taking a finished product shot! Then, seeing as this is the second month, I am looking at how to expand my Gaurd up to this months 750pt cap. THIS bunch of models I will indeed be photographing and adding to the blog and will, hopefully, continue to do so as the campaign rolls on.

With any luck and perseverance, this blog will catalouge my path to having my first...EVER....completely painted table top army!

Keep an eye on this blog, I WILL be posting again here soon!


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