Monday, 11 March 2013

The First Ramble

So I've decided to do a painting/hobby blog.

I've been a wargamer since I was a wee chap no older than ten.
Over the years, I have played and collected miniatures to no end. I have miniatures still unassembled in boxes I bought with some of my very first paychecks.

This is the reason I've decided to do this blog is to chronicle my journey of rectifying the part of the hobby I've tended to avoid entirely...

Only recently have I begun to truly feel a joy as I paint and this has inspired me to begin trying to improve, experiment and just simply get all those old models assembled and painted, as opposed to sitting in their shrink wrap.
So this blog will simply serve to chronicle my painting and hobby exploits as I expand my skills and just generally ramble about our hobby in general.

Cheers - Felix

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