Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Tau, basing and Infinity

Now that I've started this blog, I though it was fitting to actually get some content up and stop this place from looking so barren.

So as the title and image above would insinuate, I'll be talking about some Infinity and some resin bases I recently picked up.

 The image at the start of this post is a Combined Army Charontid from the Combined Army starter kit in the Infinity range. Unlike most models I pick up, this starter set was actually the first box I've picked up for the sole purpose of painting and I'm surprised at how detailed the models actually are.
The Charontid in particular was such a cool model I couldn't help painting it (while experimenting with a few techniques at the same time) instead of working on my Tau.

While I haven't actually played (or can't see myself playing anytime soon) Infinity, I've had a read of the rules and find them interesting. I'm looking forward to giving it a shot, though I don't actually know anyone that plays, making it hard to get a few games in to learn to ropes and most of my gaming time is still occupied by WH40k.

Speaking of 40k, you'll probably find this is what I will end up posting about the most. I play 40k pretty regularly and my current project (and inspiration for actually refining my hobby skills) is my Tau army. Most of the models in this army I've had since I started wargaming and naturally, many are broken, poorly painted, assembled horribly or just plain missing bits. I actually went through all of my firewarriors (around 58) a few months ago and managed to fix up about forty of them, albiet minus a fair few antennae.
In fact, it was while i was working on this that I decided I would really expand my hobby skills. Already I've gone through and done some minor conversion work to get a feel for it and even done some sculpting for bases, which didn't turn out so well. Despite the lack of great results thus far, it's been motivating. For the first time in my hobby life I feel like it's possible to achieve the results I see at conventions, tournaments and online!

At this present moment (short burst of infinity aside) I've been working on basing. Everything from doing basing sand and flock, to actually trying to use random household materials to create rubble and such. My results have largely been mixed but the past few attempts have been pretty good. This said, I have a tournament to attend (Anzac Cup) that I really want to bring my Tau to. Not having enough time to paint AND experiment doing 60+ bases for the whole army, I recently picked up some resin bases from my FLGS.
They are the Back2Base-Ix range of Ruin bases and I'm really impressed with them.
Once I have a few of them painted and maybe a firewarrior or two on them I'll post some pictures, as well as some pictures of my WiP tau to boot.

Now as you can probably see above, I'm a pretty mid range painter, not terrible, but defiantly not good either. I understand techniques but have trouble putting them into practice more often than not and am prone to forgetting steps or doing things backwards.
That said, these are the things I'm planning to rectify with this blog. I hope that I can look back on this post in a few years and see how far my skills have come!

Thanks for taking the time to read what was probably a rambley kind of post. Feel free to leave a comment below!


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